Our  Clients

We collaborate with many prominent TV channels and renowned Media Outlets as well as with the Leading Production Houses all around the Arab world, where we produced and executed over the years, several successful TV shows and thriving events that became a milestone in the Field of Television and Entertainment. 
      Here are some of our clients

Winners don't Wait for Chances, They Take Them 

 "As of 1996 we supplied innovations in the broadcast field that were continuously appreciated by millions of viewers in the MENA and GCC . Those innovations were the subject of many awards throughout the years."
           1st & 2nd places         2019
        1st place        2018
        1st place        2017
        1st place        2016

                     Ramadan Show                                                  with                                 MBC & SBC

        Ramadan Show                        with                     MBC 

      Ramadan 1st live                VR Studio              with Saudi TV

      Ramadan Show                        with                 OMAN TV