We Commit to give Our Customers Top-notch Services within the industry while facilitating introduction to the New Technology with a Twist of Distinction and a Sprinkle of Innovation with a Cutting-edge on the top

You Are in Good Hands

" At Rassi Engineering we Cater for your Technical Requests and we Thrive to be          Leaders in Our line of Business, so rest assure...You are in Good hands "


Conceptualization  .

The word concept means an idea, and not any idea. Imagine a complex concept involving many elements, where lot of brain work is involved. When we conceptualize we either create a concept or we grasp one. The idea of man landing on the moon was conceptualized hundreds of years before it was planned or achieved

Content Creation .
Teleportation .
Virtual Sets .

In the process of Content Creation we generate topic ideas that appeal to our clients. Creating written or visual content around those ideas, and making the content desirable to the audience Through video or infographic, or any format is our main concern. If you are not creating content, then you're behind the curve.

With Teleportation we hypothetically transfer matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. Teleportation is often paired with time travel where we can make a human travel instantly and It is a common subject in science fiction literature, film, video games, and television.

Our virtual Studio set solutions are not only tailored to game shows, it covers all TV programs, Events, Series and Dramas. We collaborate with the best graphic designers to present sets with professional broadcast quality and total flexibility, making them fully compatible with all major editing and graphics packages.

Quality ... Not Quantity

“We have made Quality our Habit. It’s not Something that we just Strive For, It’s a Principle we live by Every Day.”


Augmented Reality

As Television and Cinema are taking dominant position on the AR wave, we are taking necessary steps in this direction, creating mixed experiences with Television and augmented reality which is called Augmented Television. No doubt AR is going to be the main way of interacting with information, don't know when, but it will happen..

Artificial Intelligence
Real Time Tracking
Data Visualization

As a branch of computer science we are shaping the machines to be capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence.  AI is an interdisciplinary science with many approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in every sector of the tech industry.

Real-Time camera tracking allows live virtual broadcast of graphics, whether it is installed on a handheld cam, a Jimmy Jib or a Steadicam. With Real-Time camera tracking you  see the on-set action and the Graphics background composited together in real-time , live on set to revolutionize your virtual production.

The increased popularity of big data and data analysis made visualization more important than ever. We offer means to present information to viewers in a better way. We go beyond typical techniques such as pie charts or corporate graphs, instead we go to complex representations, such as heat maps and fever charts.