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Our Projects

Essal Al-Saudia (إسأل السعودية)

January, 2020

The Arabic version of the global game show " let's ask America". The program uses Virtual Technology with zoom Conferencing and allows contestants from all KSA to participate from home and win Prize Money. 

Akher Kalam (آخر كلام)

September, 2019

An entertaining competition show with Virtual Technology and augmented reality, offering prizes to participants in categories such as variety, sports, and general information, in addition to questions about series shown on Dubai TV.  

MBC Live Teleportation System

March, 2019

Our bespoke teleportation live system transports The presenter Mustafa al-Agha from his studio in Dubai where he was shown on screen to another geographical location, to meet the 2 other presenters in different Studios.  

Rouwad al Takniah KSA 

April, 2021

A virtual set Project with live streaming on the web where we created an unforgettable creative Virtual experience for the final ceremony promoting the 10 finalists and their projects on a Virtual platform. 

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