With an Engineering degree from AUB Marwan has worked on hundreds of projects over the years, and he brings Fresh New Perspectives to the world of computer Technology. He is notorious for his passion to New innovations and Technical gadgets.  His new Baby Born is REtracker and His favorite color is 50 shades of Grey and he is constantly Nerding out on the newest technology. He has a strong flare for Motor sports which made him one of the Best commentators on the Formula one and the MotoGP in all the Mena and GCC. He is a Keen player in the field of Augmented Reality , Artificial intelligence , Real time graphics , Retracking , teleportation as well as Table Tennis, where he unleash his creative madness.  All in all, Marwan is one creative dude with technical know-how that would get any Task always done ! ..

Meet the Team

Marwan Rassi